Human Remains Detection - Land


This class is designed to educate handlers on human remains and successfully using SAR K-9s for critical evidence detection. Handlers will learn techniques involving both evidence and human remains.

Classroom and field work will cover primary and secondary crime scenes, and human remains searches in both buildings and wilderness, as well as techniques to locate buried remains, especially aged remains.


Human Remains Detection - Land (Advanced)


This course is being offered for operational K-9 teams and will be conducted in a variety of locations throughout the week each drill replicating an actual search. The course will focus on deployment of HRD teams, situational awareness, applying scent theory in a realistic setting, use of GPS devices, search documentation and report writing.

A variety of source material will be used in different settings to include urban, residential, commercial and wilderness.


The instructors for 2018 are: Suzi Goodhope (Beginner Class), Heather Suedkamp and Greg Cole (Intermediate/Advanced Class).

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